We are Jess and John, and this site is all about starting our lives anew in Hawaii. Jess is a New Yorker who has never left home. John is a “pan-American”, having moved cities several times over the course of a few decades.


After getting married in the fall of 2015, we fell in love with Hawaii while on our honeymoon. We cried when we left. Not because we were sad our honeymoon was over, but rather because we were leaving Hawaii. It’s been more than a year in the making, but we are about to embark on our big move, as we write this in February of 2017.

Follow along with us. We hope to spin a yarn of the ups and downs of two New Yorkers making a go of Hawaii life. We look forward to finding our place and ultimately giving back to the community we so hope to become a small part of.

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