All Packed!

What do you take when you move 5,000 miles away to an island in the middle of the Pacific? I suspect the answer is different for everyone. For us, it looks a little like this…


We are just taking what we can carry: basic summer clothes, cameras, phones, kindles, laptops and a few personal items.

Sure, we are missing things that mean a lot to us — no guitars or keyboards for me; no amazing kitchen wizardry gadgets and fewer calligraphy accoutrements for Jessica; none of the artwork on our walls. Some of this may be re-bought when we get there, in a different and abbreviated form, and some may be shipped over from NYC at some point.

It is surprising what happens when you go through your house and say, “Do I need this, really?” In today’s digital age of music, videos and books, the physical aspects of entertainment have been reduced to a few devices. And in Hawaii, 90 percent of an NYC wardrobe makes zero sense. We’ll be renting furnished spaces for now, until we figure out how this all can work. So, beds, stoves and TVs will be taken care of that way.

In a lot of ways, if we wind up making a life for ourselves in Honolulu, I sort of hope we never acquire quite as many things again. At least for now, it is freeing to be OK with less.

A hui hou, John

8 thoughts on “All Packed!

  1. Hi John and Jessica.
    What a courageous move and change of lifestyle! I am excited for you. I hope that you will soon be able to entertain a lot of friends, because we now have a good reason to visit Hawaii!
    Hope your days are filled with joy.
    The DiSanto Family

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  2. Hey Jessica and John,
    Wishing you a safe and prosperous journey! Love you and can’t wait to follow your blog, and hopefully when you are all settled in, will come out to visit you guys!
    Titi Mona


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